Folks do not want to come to wars after continuous

  • Well lately the clan I am in is going through the hardships which every clan would have to (evantually). However, this bout might bring about the splitting of this clan, so I chose to come to Sals and request some help. After all, there have been clans that lasted for much longer than the clan I am in. I'll bascially listing out the issues, and determine if anyone as RS gold an idea which hasn't been attempted before.

    Warring problems. People aren't binding in wars. Excuses: Binders frequently get sniped and have to watch the war. Constantly binding is pricey. Retorts to explanations: When the anti-snipers do their job, binder's won't get sniped. If you would like to win in a war, then you have to be inclined to shell out money on binds. Attempted options: Running bind checks. However, not all those that had binds used them, which left us short of binders. Encouraging individuals to bind by stating the relationship between winning and binding. However, this doesn't work as people refuse to use or bring binds. Asking people to bring binds. However as stated above, not everyone that bring them use them.

    Individuals aren't falling in following KO's. Although it's just a minority, it still allows another clan to acquire easy KO's. Trying to 1v1 individuals who are lower level . Just do not want to follow the fall-in leader. Retorts to explanations: The fall-in leaders clearly reveal where they are after every KO has been done. If you don't want to fall-in, then you are going to be KO'ed first. Just do not come whining about how you have piled and needed to tank so ancient.

    Attempted solutions: Getting visitors to fall-in throughout practices and penalizing people who do not immediately fall in after a KO. Exceptionally effective. Efforts to convice those 1v1'ers that piling is more effective than 1v1'ing. I am unsure about the efficacy of this. It's their own problem. Successful is getting visitors to whine, I would say.

    Folks do not want to come to wars after continuous losing due to the above two problems. Excuses: The clan is not a warring clan, it's a nation clan. The ones that want to ability have the right to ability. It's not my fault we lost, it is because nobody was binding. Wars are a waste of my time, we go there and receive our....kicked. I'd rather train or skill up then go there to suffer another defeat. Retorts to excuses: The clan may not be a clan, but each member is still predicted to emerge for wars. Just because we don't make wars compulsory does not mean that you can slack when we need people. The mindset of"other individual will bind" is precisely why nobody is cheap OSRS gold binding. Everyone is hoping that somebody else will pop in to magically bind for them, but there is not.