I'm not able to discover this time round

  • Anyways, I had been studying sals's and rune wiki's manuals for range training. Sals guide is outdated, and soul wars is not mentioned ANYWHERE. Rune wiki's guide cites soul wars as RS gold a training choice at 90+ range. So, where do I train range, and with what weapon? (I have 40 slayer) I have been contemplating: slayer, chins (mummies in chaos tunnels), darts at stone crabs/experiments, spirit wars, cannon in green dragons Additionally, I'd prefer to have around 70 hp at 90 range and strength, and 75 in 99 range, so please maintain hp training to a minimum (I might just do chins 89-90 or some thing )

    I favor the minimal detail with most everything off for greatest game play with less distractions of shadows,ground detail along with other stuff thats just useful for being a tourist. Is there an option I missed to resolve this issue on my end? Or is this just another nice update jagex did purpose to fuzz up my match play choice? The last time around there was an option left to revert into the lager viewable area. I'm not able to discover this time round. I dont find any other complaints about this however. Either im the only one running secure mode or ppl are waiting to see if jagex could correct this latest bug?

    Is the manual installment set to high? That would be HD and it works fine - lesser modes are locked in little screen. Ahh problem solved - it sounds lagex additional yet more attributes to what's been miss named"safe mode". Another choice to choose resolution was added into safe mode itself which requires you scrolling down to locate it [under cursing on/off]. It seems they have yet their very own definition of protected mode. An individual might think safe manner to be minimum - although not in jagex world - these women have their own method of doing things. Its their point of view in their own world and we users are left on our own to figure out how they choose to do things. After all im only a client,No have to be more bothered by associates - lol.

    Well, I'm kinda stuck in this thought of being a member again and starting RS up again. I simply don't understand yet, so here is a listing of what I can think of for that which I saw coming after 3 years of not playing: I am lvl 95. All of my stuff is member's things. I have not played in 3+ years. I have enough willow logs to cheap RuneScape gold get to 99 fletching. I don't have any golden (except for 10k, but that is poor man's money ). What exactly would you think, if I start playing again, or should I not and play something like WoW (I typically have 1 MMORPG to stick with, I may just do WoW and RS, but idk)? Is the present RS worth coming back to?