I appreciate this game and what it's done for my mother

  • I play a nice bit I would love for there to be more to Animal Crossing Bells do out of terraforming and decorating. Because that side of this game is amazing, however, the"hop on and run around since I like my island as is" facet of this match is quite lackluster imo

    I have been a participant for all 30 years of my life. My mom was a part of me getting every console from NES to my PS5. I received her animal crossing for Xmas (well, the switch and a guarantee of this match ).

    While she's never been a gamer, she would play sometimes when I was younger (tmnt and Mario on nes, Tony Hawk and tekken on Playstation...) and never did very good. Only child with a single parent, she did her best with gaming. She has played with animal crossing every single moment. She retired early bc of the pandemic and health issues, and I can see her escaping troubles in the game.

    I can't even explain how much I appreciate this game and what it's done for my mother. I finally feel as though I've given back some of the enjoyment she's helped me along with my entire life.

    You tend to things daily to allow it to look how you desire. There are games I crush games and through I take my time . For example Witcher and monster hunter are all great slow games, Mario and lego games are good to go awry on

    I played about 100 hours, before I got burnt out. And I was taking my time with this match. I wasn't among those players who time went, or played for hours on end every day. This is coming from someone who's played previous games in the series for months, without becoming bored. Did I get my money's worth on this game? I guess you can say . It is cheap Animal Crossing Items just a pity that New Horizons was only able to hold my interest for about 3 months, especially considering this is a game that's made to be played at least one full year.