First week kinda sucks if you are not utilized this kind of gam

  • It does? The dialogue really feels more stale compared to NL and Animal Crossing Items I've played more than NH.

    And to add on to that, they get all Mean Girls on you, should you talk to them a lot of. Like, I really don't play to get my feelings hurt, therefore I try not to speak to my villagers over 1-2 times every day. _.

    I love when Folks complain that the conversation is insistent and somebody always needs to come out of the woodwork to say"do not worry I read online from a random person This game actually has the most dialogue ever" like that is supposed to be useful lol

    They do include more dialogue post launching though. Dialogue has been added for every single event

    This dialogue then has to be translated into a dozen languages. It's no small job

    A fantastic way to see unique dialogue will be to play at various times of the day. For example Snooty villagers have more Varied conversation at midday. Whereas Smug villagers have more conversation at night

    I am new to it, but I'm not really comprehending the hype. The development is so slow and it feels just like the main mechanics are"collect these items, sell a few, wait till you can collect more things." I have paid off two loans thus far, implanted my money like 5 times. Just One tree has given me money back though

    First week kinda sucks if you are not utilized this kind of game because they dripfeed items and mechanics. You then kinda find your own pleasure. Most like overhauling their island and getting all of the fish/bugs appearing for the month

    There is no correct way to get more The amount of bells buried does not affect the likelihood like it in earlier games

    Instance: Plant 20k You either have a 30% probability of obtaining 60k from Cheap Nook Miles Ticket the shrub or a 70% chance of getting 30k

    Nogami speculated that New Horizon's lower than expected youth demographic may be because New Horizons hasn't yet been accessible during crucial holiday periods.