Just some questions that popped into RuneScape

  • Just some questions that popped into RuneScape gold my head while skilling. Falador celebration room - This is probably a very old update I overlooked but... remember when all the bankers in RS would announce that a fall party was going to take place? This was done to prevent individuals from"covertly" using the party room to swap things. Considering that the bankers no more announce drop parties, how is thing trading prevented in the party area? It happens from both party area worlds. Any other world can't have a party in it.

    GE Spirit Tree - Is there a quest or something that makes it possible for the GE spirit tree to tele one other places other than the Tree Gnome Village? Just curious since many occasions I happened to utilize the tree at precisely the same time as others, I moved to Tree Gnome Village, however another peeps never showed up there, I guessed they must have gone somewhere else. No idea, maybe they were very fast?

    New Skiller Worlds - When reading the update, I knew it to mean you could only buy the store items in bulk quantity on those 2 worlds but I just bought 1000 vials in 1 shot on earth 28. So the purpose of the new worlds would be what? Merely to keep out very low level players? 1000 levels is just nothing in P2P. What am I overlooking? I am guessing for F2P its you do not see"searching for a bf" free stuf plz along with other noobly chants at Lumbridge. Much like in P2P, and perhaps less rulebreakers if they appreciated their accounts?

    Varrock Diary - Among the benefits to the Varrock Armour was access to this Edgeville furnace. The door has now been removed. Was this Diary benefit replaced with a different one or was it just taken away? They took out the doorway because people went , but that blocked other men and women. I believe you will need the vest to smith? They transferred the furnace 2 steps away to"counter-act" this shift.

    Alright, I'm in a Small quandary. I am trying to level My melee and prayer, and I am having difficulty choosing which to train , so I thought I would request the Sal's Folks here for assistance: My attack, strength, and shield are all at 83. My prayer is 79, and cheap RS gold My hitpoints is 87. Unless somebody can convince Me otherwise, I'd rather just sell rocktails, rather than use them.