I've decided that I enjoy playing Runescape

  • Back in Barrows, while items on ordinary could be 700k/piece or RS gold some thing, you are also raking in a reasonable bit of money from runes. My final barrows streak, I got about 6M value in barrows gear. Then I looked in my runes, and these were a few 2.5M. So you are constantly making gain, whereas using Glacors it is very easy to lose money until you buy a boot drop or enough shards for an Armadyl Battlestaff.

    Your decision, I personally like Barrows because it is easier. Other gold? Really, Barrows is the only semi-rewarding, non-mind-numbing activity that offers a pretty certain income. I advise that over the majority of other stuff. Otherwise I would work towards quests as much as possible.

    Just made the account, took so long since I was helping a friend and made about 5m from it. I will try and move the money via drop trading, but I am not certain if it's going to let me. Because I don't have any irl friends that play, I'll take my chances with someone on the internet to help me xfer the cash. 1st I will do pray and some small quests. I intend on using large bones since they aren't terribly expensive and comparatively speedy xp. If anyone has a better choice, I'd really like to understand. I will be using them on a guilded altar that I aspire to get into on a home world. Not certain if I should attempt to keep it low by using a cannon or not.

    For starters, I had been requested in the last thread I obtained it. I made a new account, also when logging on there was a pop for this. Initially whenever I clicked it the whole client would close down, but when I tried it the next day it worked right away and gave me .

    I've decided that I enjoy playing Runescape and would rather never return to f2p, so I'm buying membership and that is really where I need a little bit of help. I have already decided I need to be a range pure and possibly add some thing to that in the future. So please answer any questions you are able to! I'm starting with nothing, as my old accounts with all the cash on it had been made after the 25k commerce limitation was set back into position. So what's the ideal ability to create a ton of money? (rather members to try out something new) I intend on getting this skill to 99 and earning as much money as possible off it before starting to cheap OSRS gold train. (please list high 3 if possible)