A Wentz bargain was never going to Madden 21

  • That is suboptimal from a paying standpoint. It is likely to Mut 21 coins be the usual suspects -- bad teams under new management with more cap space than they know what to do with, who must overpay to get the best free agents to wink back at them this time of the year. That will drive the motor -- as it always does -- but I am not sure there are the depth of rivalry we normally find for those players. I'm presuming a half dozen teams will be inclined to dip their toes into the deepest end of free agency, headed by the Jaguars and Jets, and also perhaps the Texans.

    The Raiders' failure to locate any defensive players of notice through multiple drafts could find them chase around the very best linemen and linebackers and defensive backs they could locate, but who else among .500 teams or better will probably be pushing them? The Colts will be competitive -- but in reason under judicious general director Chris Ballard -- and also the Bengals certainly don't have any lack of needs to fulfill, but do we think Mike Brown will probably be wanting to establish new spending marks across the offensive and defensive lineup, at which he needs assistance? I have some reservations. Perhaps the Titans?

    Teams that show up on the cusp of possibly a breakthrough -- like the Bills and Ravens -- are prioritizing keeping and extending their own best gamers, a process that began last season for them and still needs to include MVP caliber quarterbacks in their mid-20s. Hard to see them making a bunch of free-agent splashes. The Packers have to navigate trying to keep their roster together with Aaron Rodgers not getting any younger, which might restrict their proclivity to make significant additions.

    Once you factor in the bounty of gamers likely to be given a franchise label, a lot of them for the second consecutive year, and this free-agent course loses a great deal of its luster. Regardless of what the last cap figure is, I have my reservations about what the league retains. With the broadcast money and gambling money still down the street, and to genuinely pour in this offseason, I expect lots of owners operating in a more restricted spending capacity in 2021. Hopefully, I am Mistaken.

    A Wentz bargain was never going to be simple in limited marketplace. The game of chicken being played between the Eagles, Colts and Bears over Carson Wentz was never especially close to being resolved, despite what many breathlessly reported across the Super Bowl, and his 10M roster bonus due next month stays an elephant in the room. The Eagles paid Sam Bradford a massive chunk of money not that long ago and buy Madden 21 coins then dealt him anyhow, to the Vikings, for a first-round pick.