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  • My idea is a new range/melee weapon. The way to create: It would be a OSRS gold player made weapon. It could be made by making a longbow from any sort of log that's normally use to generate a long bow. As soon as you have a longbow then you can make a blade out of most kinds of metal in runescape (bronze-rune). Once you have the blade then you would Use the blade with the longbow. The blade that it is possible to connect to the bow is based on the type of timber the bow is made from. (The stronger the wood the more powerful the metal you may use) This could create the sharpbow (maybe a better name later). It would also use a new type of arrow known as a arrow. These are slightly longer than a normal arrow and would be wholly metal. The arrows you might use would depend on the longbow that you make to attack the blade to.

    Emote Modifications. Thieving: A secure will fall out of the skies and land in front of you, then you'll place your ear from the safe and try to crack it (sort of like the wall protected in the rogues den). Then you will open it and take a hand full of gold jewelry/silver jewelry, along with a golden tiara with the powers of a bloodstream talisman bount into it, then you are going to hold it up in the air, then everything disappears.

    Firemaking: You may open your hands and make 4 fireballs (2 in each hand), and begin to juggle them for a few seconds. Then you will grab them, and quckly clamp your palms together and there'll be a small orange explosion followed with Buy 2107 runescape gold a fizzing from your hands. Fishing: Change the fish you catch to a shark.