There will be bones all around you and wounded

  • Ok, so for anyone who plays OSRS gold tai bwo wannai tidy up, you know you can disturb broodoo victims once you hack jungle?well good players utilize their own weakness on themthus slaughtering themand they are not a problem.though there are gamers who dont since they either forget the weaknesses or simply cant be bothered.

    Now every time a broodoo is abandoned it doesnt just go needs to be killed. They're very hard to kill normal fashions, and with no weakness you can max a 3 on them.they will gladly sit sentry and shoot spells at anyone walking by (frequently nature rune crafters) and generally getting really annoying, causing people to swap worlds always or attempt to kill the broodoo.

    My proposal is that instead of people being idle, and leaving the broodoo to annoy others that any monsters which are summoned by playing tai bwo wannai clean up are only observable, attackable, or dangerous to the one which induced Rs3 gold them to be summoned, meaning nobody else needs to deal with a lazy persons actions.