You complete the quest and find some runecrafting xp

  • Then I want to respond RS gold again, just click on the pm button, then hit get record, and select noob1234. This prevents Friends listing spam.

    Then on overly Buddy request, I believe thier should this since it may be annoying with random people be your buddy, who you dont even know. Just like in the event that you help somebody, they ask"Friend?" You either say no or yes. Now for folks like me (who find it difficult to say no) all there is a little box on the side asking in the event that you wish to be friends with noob1234. You can click yes or no, Without you having to say it verbal.

    The discount list remains the same. And if you get pm's form... noob5555 and also you dont need, simply add to ignore.Also in the options menu there can be a button that turns friend request off. I think this could be helpful for not having friend list junk (having random people that you pm once on your listing ), and it would be simpler to say no to random men and women that wish to be your friend. And pm because its quite a hassle trying to form someones name(or clicking ) to your friend list, then erasing them,or forgeting to take off them, using a lot of random people in your buddy list. Description:A role in the pursuit tab to write notes down.Conditions I promised to explain: Trade box: This is simply a box added to the top of your friendlist where you can set a buddy you wish to trade with in. The two Buy 2107 runescape gold players should have each other added before it's possible to set another on your commerce box.