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  • In 2020, which Rolex are "hot" and which are "unpopular"?

    Frankly speaking, in the past two years, I have been deeply impressed by replica watches for sale lovers and have become more and more aware of the actual market of famous watches. In contrast, many years ago, for example, the actual market of a certain watch was "fractured price", and many people said that "you are talking nonsense"; another example, the actual market of a certain watch was over the public price, and many people still said "you are talking nonsense"... Now, this situation basically won't happen anymore.

    Rolex's "hot models"

    First place: Rolex Daytona 116500 white plate

    Many facts have proved that Daytona has been Rolex's most valuable watch (including antique watches and watches on sale) "from ancient times to the present." Judging from the situation in recent years, the actual market price of Rolex Daytona has risen sharply and rapidly, starting from the 116500 white plate Daytona on sale (previously, the price of Daytona 116520 was stable and rising. Not so fast). At the same time, the value of the same is 116500, and the value of the white disk is higher than that of the black disk.

    From a statistical point of view, Daytona is also the most popular watch for Rolex abroad. In addition, the antique Daytona Paul Newman (Paul Newman's own Daytona "Paul Newman" watch) has also created an auction record for the most expensive watch in the world, and is one of the most expensive watches in the world.

    Second place: Rolex 126610LV new green ghost

    This year, the Rolex replica Watches Submariner completed a full series of updates. Rolex's most popular green ghost, this year also launched a new generation model 126610LV. Although the new generation of Green Ghost 126610LV has become a "green circle black disk", it is no longer all green. After all, it is a new model, and immediately became one of Rolex's hottest watches as soon as it was launched (the size was slightly increased by 1 mm and the 3235 movement was replaced). From the current situation, the actual market of the new generation of 126610LV is generally higher than the all-green 16610LV.

    Third place: Rolex 326934 Blue Skywalker

    Rolex Skywalker became a popular model, starting with the launch of the steel shell model by Skywalker. The earliest Rolex Skywalker only had a full gold model, so it was not popular. But since the launch of the steel shell, plus tennis superstar Federer wearing a blue skywalker, the skywalker's popularity instantly rose. Among them, the most popular is the steel shell blue disk, like white disk, black disk, etc., not as hot as blue disk. Skywalker is Rolex’s current complex watch, with an annual calendar and two-time function (by switching the bezel to adjust the function). Although Skywalker is not classified as a sports model in the classification of Rolex, it is considered by domestic and foreign players. "Sports labor".

    According to foreign statistics, the popularity of Blue Skywalker 326934 ranks third. It should be noted here that, like Skywalker in white and black, the market is still relatively rational, according to the different colors of gold, platinum, and gold.Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON ROSE GOLD AT100.40.AC.SD.A

    Fourth place: Rolex 126710 five-bead chain red and blue circle

    Rolex's red and blue circles have also become popular since the launch of steel models. Previously, the red and blue circles were only available in platinum. As soon as the red and blue circles of the steel shell five-bead chain came out, the heat went up. At present, Rolex Greenwich GMT steel shell version, there are red and blue circles, blue and black circles, the actual market of the red and blue circles is higher than the blue and black circles, and the red and blue circles are more vivid and eye-catching. At the same time, the five-bead chain in the Rolex sports model is also a unique feature of the current Greenwich GMT steel watch (the steel case Oyster chain version is an old model and has been discontinued). To be honest, Rolex Greenwich GMT, the market is also going up step by step. The blue and black circle of the Oyster chain.

    Fifth place: Rolex 126610LN new calendar nigger

    In our country, the most popular Rolex must be the "Blackwater Ghost". Rolex niggas, including black with calendar and black with no calendar, have been updated this year, with a new generation of 32 series movement and a slight increase in size (41 mm). But in appearance, the new generation nigger 126610 and the previous generation nigger 116610 are generally the same (some details are different). The most obvious identification method is that the new generation nigger 126610 (with calendar)/124060 (without calendar) has a "little crown" logo in the center of the SWISS MADE below 6 o'clock on the disk, while the old model does not. From the current situation, the market of the new generation 126610 is higher than the previous generation 116610.replica watches luxury

    Rolex's "unpopular models" abroad

    Rolex Cellini

    Cellini is an "alien" among Rolex. It is the only Rolex watch that does not use the "Oyster case" structure. It is a traditional classic style gold watch. Unlike other Rolex, they all use Oyster case (including week calendar DD, log type DJ), which more or less has some sports properties. Cellini does not possess the iconic features of the Rolex Oyster. So since ancient times, Cellini has been a very niche model among Rolexes. In addition, they are all gold watches. Without steel watches, there are fewer people who buy them, so they are relatively unpopular. Therefore, Cellini's actual market is low.

    Rolex 116680 Yacht II

    Yacht II is also a special watch in Rolex (note that it is Yacht II, not Yacht I). Before the advent of Rolex Skywalker, Yacht II was once the "most complicated" watch in Rolex, because Yacht II was a watch with countdown function. But precisely because of the countdown, the functions of Yacht II are not very practical, and there are few people interested (designed for sailing regattas). Unlike Skywalker, when the calendar is two places, at least the functions of month and date are very practical. In addition, the yacht II is 44mm larger, so although the yacht II is a sporty laborer, it also has steel models, but the popularity is not so high.Luxury Urwerk watches