This was when they undertook

  • This was when they undertook what must be the most revolutionary act of transplant surgery I've ever seen in a live game. The Cataclysm expansion rewrote almost all of the levelling content of the wow gold classic, overhauling the questing mechanics, improving the storytelling, smoothing the grind. It was a massive undertaking and was critical to this game's continued good health.

    Beyond those, there's just a lot of game to move through: literally continents of it. Meanwhile, as the highest level stretches all the way to 120, the ever-escalating amounts begin to get meaningless, and personality development - that Blizzard has needed to constantly prune back to avoid overwhelming complexity from the class layout - is increasingly thinly spread throughout the levelling curve. A 2014 stat squish helped a little. The early 2018 introduction of level scaling across the entire sport, which matched content to a level and also grouped expansions together in circles, allowing you to pick your route through the content to some degree, helped a lot. But it's still simply too much.

    So Blizzard has decided it is time to return to the operating theater. There won't be any more rewrites, but alongside Shadowlands the game is getting a structural overhaul that is just as striking, in its way, as Cataclysm - if not more. The current level cap is greater than halved to only 50, with Shadowlands taking players into the launching game's original level cap of 60. There is an accompanying, barbarous stat squish. Levelling a character all of the way is anticipated to take somewhat bit more than half the time. A new, one-size-fits-all tutorial phase requires players to level 10, and the default encounter elides 14 years of this game's history in a sudden leap cut into the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, that will lead to level 50 and the gates of the Shadowlands. As an alternative, you may choose to journey through time to cheap classic gold wow any former expansion (such as Cataclysm's version of the original areas) and play that instead - however, you will likely only have the time to play one expansion in its entirety.