I have a few questions

  • Ok I have alwas wanted to utilize Ancient mage but I have never been able to RuneScape gold aford the Runes to mage. Now that I can cut Yews I have been Alching to get my level up thus much its 41 so Iam wondering. If I must level it into 50 and attempt to perform Desert Treasure (I've 52 prayer). Is the pursuit really that hard and will I be able to perform it. (I havent done the quests required to even begin Desert treasure) (I have 30ish Firemaking and 20 Thifing)

    So do you believe once I have all the requirementments. I'll have the ability to do the quest with heaps of Shark and Lots of Pray Pots? Well I have to admit I've never had much love for the farming ability but I am attempting to get al my stats 40+. So I need to raise it, ever since the ability came out though I've collected seeds since I knew that some day I would porbably wind up leveling it.

    Well, I have a few questions about being a member, some of Buy RS gold em seem pretty nooby, but its not like im gonna spend days studying all the member things, not like I have time or anything, that I dont but I digress. I am gonna place these plain and simple, then test this everyday, clear simple answers are valued.