Rather I truly hope they take the current characters and make a

  • I will let you Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells take care of this hat... Someday, return it as a great pirate (One Piece in Animal Crossing)

    If boruto has taught me anything its that following one piece is found and the series is over there'll be another series. Probably place in the not too far future with another youthful plucky crew going after the name of pirate king.

    I kinda see this story as the tale of the past great pirate age. Kinda the way Naruto was put in the past great ninja age. When they do eventually end One bit and start up a continuation collection, following the majority of queries are answered, I would imagine its set in the time of piracy coming to a conclusion. All very much like the way Boruto is put in a universe where ninjas are getting to be scarce.

    Rather I truly hope they take the current characters and make a string of"what happened elsewhere in the world" throughout the primary story, and only use that as an opportunity to flesh out the rest of the world.

    The longer the story goes the longer I get the sense that something potentially sketchy is upward with Shanks. The Gorosei thing is a massive question mark of course. He appears to want peace and freedom and only became an emperor to be able to chill, just throwing his weight around to prevent pointless slaughter of innocents, but as we learn more about the emperors and also the authorities the more his place in this world starts to feel completely suspicious.

    Sketchy perhaps, but I severely doubt Shanks is evil. Personalky I believe Roger and Shanks are both chaotic good, more about the chaotic with Shanks approaching Cheap Animal Crossing Items neutral chaotic. If it ties into the Will of D, I can imagine why.