I had been considering purchasing a monster pickaxe

  • Together with RS gold the restricted days of P2P charge, I'd love to level up skills which can be made use of in F2P (when the P2P credit runs out). I am thinking about levelling up mining (for money-making in F2P), attack/strength/defense, woodcutting/fishing (though I find mining is a much better money-maker than fishing/woodcutting in F2P).

    I had been considering purchasing a monster pickaxe and going to living Rock Caverns. Is your dragon pickaxe worth purchasing or would a rune pickaxe in the Living Rock Caverns be great enough? Should I mine focused gold (quicker XP) or concentrated irrigation (quicker money). Is it possible to find people in Runescape keen to lend a dragon pickaxe?

    Money-making: how do I make plenty of money in P2P combat without (1) coaching Slayer/P2P abilities or (2) performing P2P quests? I was thinking of fighting dragons. If that is a good method, what color dragon should I choose? (In my combat level, what color dragon would I manage fighting?) Approximately cheap OSRS gold how strong should you be to confront blue dragons? Red dragons? Black dragons?