Early levels of Magic training should be achieved by regular co

  • I am pretty new to OSRS gold and just wondered what quests are great for folks my level? I don't wish to make this post too long or a list, but I do not know any other way to do it. My levels are: Strike: 65, Defense: 62, Power: 65, Constitution: 63, Range: 45, Prayer: 48, Magic: 58, Cooking: 37, Woodcutting: 42, Fletc hing: 34, Fishing: 28, Fire: 34, Crafting: 42, Smithing: 42, Mining: 38, Herblore: 20, Agility: 36, Thieving: 53, Slayer: 40, Farming: 22, Runecrafting: 19, Hunting: 9, Structure: 5, 5, Summoning: 26, Dungeon: 12. Quests are my favourite part of RS and I have done some of these .

    I understand this list is very long but didn't understand any other way to place it. Anyways I've searched for more quests and have found a couple great ones, but I just wanted to know whether there are any that I'm missing. Additionally, as a side question, together with my stats, should I be in a position to perform Monkey Madness? I am at the stage after finishing the puzzle but do not need to continue unless I can make it. Thank you very much.

    Early levels of Magic training should be achieved by regular combat with every hit. Be aware that to make it successful, you will have to find monsters which you can profit from. Particularly useful will be people with Herb drops like Twisted Banshee or people with high tier weapon drops like Fire Giants at Waterfall Dungeon. Those can cheap RuneScape gold be killed from behind a rock safely up until level 43 when you are going to find out how to Superheat Iron Ore.. This method may be quite time-consuming or costly as a good deal of Nature Runes is going to be demanded, but still it will provide the very best experience speeds at this phase.