I have 60 Summoning and I want to receive 74 so that I could do

  • I'm nearly 90 flat RS3 gold now- just round 2M range experience stands between me and my goal. I recently purchased a drygore mace, and have been saving for the offhand version. I am almost completely washed out however, having to resort to the hybrid Warpriest gear. What could be most profitable for me with my stats? (While also providing competitive experience) So far I've heard Ascension critters, Glacors, Automatons... What if I kill?

    I camped the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield to get my drygore mace, incidentally. I can't go back- it is too repetitive, I want something fresh. Slayer is a fantastic bet. Abyssal demon tasks are 1m / activity without any drop. Easy 500k. Get clues which will average 200k eventually

    Ascension monsters is most likely the best means for you now in time. People state Galcors, however, they require more effort. The ascension monsters can be killed very easily along with the rune drops are routine to create the trips worthwhile. I'd also strongly advise that you use sinkholes to get 85 dungeoneering. Subsequently camp in frost dragons. Don't neglect to perform farming runs and sell all of the herbs. To be honest, I don't know why you felt it essential to receive a drygore mace, especially because you have got no money today.

    Hey , I have 60 Summoning and I want to receive 74 so that I could do that new quest. I was wondering how long it would take and also what's the fastest way to do that. In addition, I have ~8m to use though I could easily get more. Right now I am killing waterfiends for red charms and employing the citadel training thing. Is there a quicker way or a different method (such as Killing Bork) that I'm missing out on? I play maybe 1-2 hours a day, could I realistically expect to find buy RuneScape gold this sometime soon?