If you don't possess an test message and someone right-clicks y

  • First off yes I OSRS GP know this has been indicated earlier, but my way is better. You know just how to right click something it states: Analyze"Insert thing"? Well what if you can examine other men and women? I will use myself such as: Right click on Kamek_2000 and hit test. Then heres the magic of it. You get to determine what the examination says! It might sort"hey man whats up?" Or"stop examining me lol!"

    It could be fun and useful! Case in point: Your cutting wood to get 99 woodcut when a guy comes up to ask for support. If you do not respond they might be curious and examine you. It could say"Please don't disturb me, I am working for 99 woodcutting." Unless they were total noobs they'd get the message and leave you alone.

    Your probably saying:"how do we decide what the exam message states. If your a new player just beginning, then once you create your person, a message will come up saying Would you like to provide an Evaluation message? Or sumthing like this. There will be a button that will say: pick later, which means that they will not possess an E-message if they don't visit the examinator. IF your not a brand new player and want an Examine message only go to the examinator stall. Whats the examinator stall you ask: In Draynor village there will be a stall having a guy sitting behind it. If you'd like an test message or would like to change your present examine message, then talk to him. If you don't want an examine messgae in any way, just tell him.

    If you don't possess an test message and someone right-clicks youpersonally, there'll be no test alternative. And please note it's a language barrier, even should you write something like::P you off:o noob! Then a message will come up saying: Maybe your message should be somewhat longer appropriete. After all, we do not want people examining you just to find the words: *swear* you noob! I'm also convinced that people WILL unfortunatly skip the swear blocker, so buy RS gold Jagex im frightened must earn a new rule: Report Offensive Examine. I hope you enjoy the idea and encourage.