In Conclusion RuneScape is a superb game and it

  • All you have to OSRS gold do is just kill another random player! And... That is it. That is supposed to compensate to your 1/4 size of this wilderness so that RWT's can not transfer wealth. Well it really is hurting the rest of the players and nobody likes it. Now... The best way to help. Jagex needs to do the following.

    Bring the Wilderness back to it's normal size so people may really pk! Remove the 3k cap onto the Duel Arena! Don't release the update in January where the prices when you trade somebody else, have to be inside 3k of one another. The way you can help. Do not go on"Strike" since that is just going to destroy the game even more. Jagex understands that these updates are dreadful and it's just a waiting game to see when they actually change them.

    In Conclusion RuneScape is a superb game and it doesn't need these upgrades than nobody likes or wants. Now it's merely a matter of waiting for Jagex Ltd. to alter these upgrades.

    I happen to know alot about real world trading and autoers,and how they work (I have LOOKED at the programs and websites and tutorials of the way they work,not actually used them,just looked at video's screenshots etc.. ).And in my experiance,testing and logic here's a detailed guide on how jagex can stop autoers buy School RuneScape Gold and gold sellers!