If the content passes the community survey

  • Beneath Ice Mountain would see players discovering ancient secrets that lie below Ice Mountain. Finishing the quest would provide you access to Ice Mountain Dungeon -- a new F2P dungeon"packed with RuneScape gold combat chances, skilling activities, and lots of lovely lore." Jagex said anyone who enjoyed Forthos Dungeon will like what it is doing with Ice Mountain Dungeon.

    If the content passes the community survey, the pursuit and dungeon will hopefully release in April. "Willow, an energetic archaeologist (possibly Id so) is searching for her next major discovery," reads the description Below Ice Mountain. "She believes she has found the entry to historical underground ruins located to the west of Ice Mountain. There's a catch however - the entrance is sealed tight and she needs to reunite her previous team to assist her break-in. Naturally, she has to stay near the ruins so as to lay claim to the find, therefore it falls to you to deliver her rag-tag group back together for one final caper and a closing big pay-off."

    She will be working with three other personalities -- Burntof, Checkal, and Marley -- despite her true goals for exploring the mountain remain a puzzle. Full details for the pursuit and new place are available on the official Old School blog. It also contains a few more proposed modifications for the Bolt Pouch, specifically directed at making it longer user friendly. Old School RuneScape is now available on PC, iOS, and Android. The nostalgic match will also arrive on Steam on February 24. Mere months after Runescape's younger, contemporary variant made its way to Valve's shores, Jagex this week announced it would be bringing the nostalgic 2007-era customer to Steam on February 24th within the game's 20th anniversary.

    As per an announcement article on Steam, you will have the ability to link present OSRS account to pick up where you left off, whether that was past week or even a decade past. If you're new to Runescape, you'll have the ability to log in directly along with your Steam account. OSRS will be receiving all the customary Steam faff too, starting with achievements and introducing trading trades shortly after launch.

    While pitched as a time capsule of Runescape circa-2007, OSRS is hardly a dead game. The throwback remains a lot active, breaking its concurrent player album only last November. The game even has new things, monsters, attributes and the occasional new landmass, using a contributor voting system to ensure new updates remain in the spirit of Old School RS Gold the old game.