so this might not be the exact same gold mine it was.

  • Devs understand when particular game material is being exploited by gamers. To remedy that, they tweaked a few things, and the material which was exploited by players for RS gold finally becomes balanced. The same principle, however, does not apply to Bounty Hunter worlds. For now, and not forever, they'll be shut.

    Bounty Hunter is a mini-game which may be found in the Wilderness levels. By participating in it, you will see an interface which will show you that of your fellow participants have to kill your goal. Whenever you do this, you get bonus points if you are holding a mysterious logo. This item, which can be sold by the Emblem Trader, gains EXP every time you kill a player which also includes a mysterious logo.

    However, some folks were able to find a way to produce a lot of OSRS gold from it. Jagex claims that these players"abuse its mechanisms to generate GP in excess of these amounts available via legitimate methods." For some reason, Jagex believed that it is a possibly game-breaking problem, stating that this particular form of articles"undermines other sport content and the general integrity of the game", and their solution is to eliminate it. Thus, worlds 318 and 319 have already been shut off. Luckily, this is only temporary, as Jagex has stated that it will be back after a few months. So, for those who make Old School RuneScape gold via Bounty Hunter, they will have to get a different manner until it gets its much-awaited yield. And even then, it's unlikely to be the exact same Bounty Hunter mini-game such as before, so this might not be the exact same gold mine it was.

    As for the ones that want or want the exclusive protection things from Bounty Hunter and PVP, Jagex will be offering other methods to get them. Even though this is unquestionably a good thing for those that believe these items are must-haves, this could also be used to make money by those who have been harnessing the Bounty Hunter mini-game at the first place. Hopefully, that would no longer be the case and Jagex would be able to come up with something to make sure it will not get exploited the next time around. Amid the elimination of the somewhat common mini-game is a far larger game facet that Jagex has been planning an overhaul for quite some time now: the whole PVP mechanics. Actually, aside from players having the ability to make possibly game-changing sums of cash, this is why OSRS Bounty Hunter is making a brief leave in the game.

    In accordance with Jagex,"our goal is to ascertain a long-term vision for PvP games. Rather than move from 1 release to the next, we want a very clear path for the next few years which may inform how we design material moving forward." From that statement, we can infer that rather than continuous but directionless adjustments to the PVP entire world, they will have one huge plan that spans for months. Hopefully, what they're trying to hatch would be useful in the long run, as PVP is a huge portion of buy OSRS gold the game updates. But some players remain in Old School RuneScape simply because of it! Back in OSRS, something as seemingly small as eliminating a mini-game could make such a massive change, particularly for people which have been making money -- both in-game and in actual life -- this off particular method. But more significant than this is that the revamp of the entire body of material, which will hopefully enhance it.