Topic Suggestions for Students to Write Marketing Dissertation

  • Marketing is one most important business-centric subjects that expose students to a wide range of aspects. It allows students to learn the right way to set budgets, target new consumers, access international markets and determine rates or profits. The students pursuing a degree course in marketing must submit the marketing dissertation to complete the program. If you think this task seems too much to you, then without any second thoughts in mind, ask for marketing dissertation help from the experts of BookMyEssay.

     The dissertation can be written on any topic related to marketing to branding, online/digital marketing, marketing ethics, relationship marketing, and any other marketing field. In order to make this task easier for you, we are sharing some useful topic suggestions that you can use for writing your marketing dissertation. Let’s walk you through them.

    Best Marketing Dissertation Topics to Choose From

    • How Digital Business Marketing is Impacting the Economic Growth of the Country: A Case Study of Specific Country
    • Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in Online Retailing Business: An Amazon Case Study
    • Assessing Determinants of Consumer Satisfaction and Their Influence on Customer Repurchase Plan – A Case Study Online Retail Stores of Apple"
    • Impact of Email Marketing Strategies and Social Media on Customers Buying Decisions
    • How Do Promotional Mix Components Impact Consumers Purchasing Decisions - A M&S Case Study
    • "An Analytical Assessment Of The Digital Marketing Effectiveness To Enhance Turnover at H&M (UK)"
    • A Case Study of Tesco Plc Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing on Retail Industry Sales.

    At the End…

    These simple topics that you can choose for writing your marketing dissertation. However, if you still think that you need professional assistance for this task then you can take Dissertation Expert Writing Help from BookMyEssay.