Visit Isafadar and talk to RuneScape

  • Request whether his guards and warriors will attack and RuneScape gold he'll tell you no. Request were Munju is located. He will tell you Munju is situated in a cave under Marim. Proceed to the cave have been the wall of flames is and there should be a ladder, climb down it and then be prepared for an extremly hard agility course. For this course you should possess at least 65 agility. Make your way across the course and down the ladder. The Level-200 Munju will summon Level-350 Jungle Demons. Set to protect from magical and run past them and start attacking Munju. The Demons will use smoke barrage and Munju will utilize smoke-quake.

    Beware as the Demons will heal Munju by casting an earth Wave on him which will hit a blue splat and reveal anywhere from 20 and 50. When Munju dies the Demons will begin meleeing you it is advised that you take Munju's Staff and Remains, then kill every one of the Demon's because in the event that you teleport they'll throw smoke barrage and kill you. Take Munju's team to Awowogei and he'll give you the world of smoke. Bank them imediatly or the leve-653 vengeful soul of Munju will strike you with smoke-barrage. Congradulations you finally have one of those spheres of Orien.

    Visit Isafadar and talk to any Elf Concerning the Sphere of Orien, they will tell you about a Warlord named Farest who will be in possesion of the Sphere of Ice. Ask were he is and the elf will tell you of a cave in the poisen wastes. Proceed to the cave and enter. There are 3 paths the safest is your middle, the most interesting is the lower one, and the balanced 1 is the upper course.

    Each of the paths have Statues of Zamorakand when you run past them that they throw flames of zamorak on you and hit on a 5. You should also see 2, 3, or 4 black flame walls depending on the room you're in. These fires are extremly mortal and will kill you instantly if you touch them. The only way to douse them would be to make a particular potion called Farest's Brew. Search the torso within this area to locate a recipe, then read it and then pickpocket the Demons (Requires 70 theving if neglected will his a 10) till you get 5 vials. Fill them with water. Bake every 1 on the range to acquire semi-prepared Farest's Brew.

    Today pickpocket that the Demons again until you get 5 vials of snake venom, DO NOT DRINK THEM!!! They'll kill you instantly. Add a vial to every potion. Then pickpocket for 5 gorrack claws and a pestle and then mortarcrush the claws and add them to the boil. Bake them to get 5 Farest's Brews. Use each 1 to the flame walls to get rid of a flame wall. Repeat the following steps until each the flame partitions are gone and cheap RS gold then the last 1 should fall a Charred Key, maintain it once you use it!